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About Us

Owned and Operated by Chef Conrad Tomas and Family!

Raised in Hawaii, Chef Conrad Tomas serves up Classic Hawaiian BBQ & gourmet Asian/American fusion dishes with a twist. Inspired by his Chef father, late Conrado Tomas, Chef Conrad has revamped age-old family recipes to create his unique fusion dishes. Chef Conrad launched his signature dishes in local Farmer’s Markets all over California’s Bay Area. He was a hit, and his following grew even larger as he introduced the Hula Moon food truck in SoCal shortly after. A few seasons later, after garnering a largely loyal fan base, Chef Conrad Tomas opens a local eatery, Retro Bleu Café off of the iconic Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas, Nevada. His most followed dish is his Garlic Fried Chicken, adapted from his late Chef father’s personal recipe. 

Stop by, and taste the gourmet island goodness!